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Examples of our quality work that we stand behind!

The picture to your left is a horizontal mounted furnace located in a basement cellar. This is mounted up off the floor because the homeowner was having trouble with the basement flooding and did not want his furnace investment water damaged.


This unit is an installation for a homeowners new addition of their home. We did all of the layout and ductwork too.


Here is an example of a new construction installation. Two High Efficiency units were installed in this homeowners new basemnt. All the ductwork was built to spec and runs along the ceiling. This ductwork is set up to allow for the basement to be finished in the future.


 Another example of new constuction installation. Again, this homeowner required 2 units for his large ranch home and they are both mounted in the basement.


This is a job where the homeowner purchased an older home that had baseboard heat and window units. We designed, cut in and installed central electric heat and air for them. This greatly appreciated the value of this home!


Both the above and below photos are taken from a new construction

 installation for a local builder.


The units above were a swap out for a homeowner. We installed an electronic air filter system for them in the process.


This installation is of the Modine Hot Dawg Garage and Work space furnace. This was installed in a homeowners garage.

They are very pleased with it!


More installations over the years!

Above is a 25kw electric furnace.

Large electric furnace change out on custom built return air box.

The above furnace is also ducted to a Outdoor woodburning Furnace!

The above was a switch out for a homeowner who wanted to get rid of gas in his home so we installed an electric furnace, modified all the ductwork and ran wiring.

The above is a used unit we installed for a customer in his garage so he had heat in multiple directions without the added cost of ductwork.

Above is a gas furnace we installed to replace an exsisting unit in this very tight closet!

This was a relocation of an exsisting air conditioner to accomidate homeowners remodeling and new addition.

Newly installed ductwork along basement ceiling.

Furnace change out.